Cheap hosting providers

More and more providers are on the hosting market to serve the ever-increasing demand for web space packages. Due to the strong competition between the numerous web hosting providers are packages already available at low prices. Among the cheap hosting providers from our comparison you can find a large number of discounted hotels for your website.

What offers low-prized web hosting deals?

Cheap Web Hosting is for users who want to operate small website or a private home. Who is looking for a Web space for the family or presents a small hobby project in the Internet, is in good hands with the cheap hosting offers from our provider. Similarly, these packages are suitable, for example, for clubs, looking for a cheap way for a website and have no big budget. Choosing a cheap web space is correct even for self-employed or small businesses that do not offer Web Services on their website, but they only use it to show your business on the Internet, such as hairdressers or local shops.

A cheap web hosting offers the best possibility of a domain name and web space for hosting a website easily from one hand to order, without causing large cost. The most important functions such as creating email addresses and mailboxes, uploading data via FTP and a user interface to manage domains are available in all packages.

My website can therefore be set up easily and quickly. Unlike other hosting services such as dedicated servers or virtual servers, the customer at affordable webspace packages must care for any technical details. The management and maintenance of the server is done by the provider. The customer can concentrate on the essentials, namely the content of his website.

Business web hosting provider comparison

Our business web hosting provider compiled deals that are specifically aimed at business customers. The target group is thus companies, freelancers and independent contractors who operate their own websites or web pages for our own customers manage.

Typical examples of professional, business websites include magazines, forums, social networks, online shops or companies presences. Operators of such sites earn their money with these projects, have other demands on web hosting provider as private persons.

Therefore, it is not at the webspace packages from our business web hosting provider compared to discount rates, but high-quality and high-performing services. While at Hobby projects, private family home pages or pictures gallery and test environments, a problem which arises as a server failure, a slow access to the website or a weekend without contact at support has no great consequences, so this is to be tolerated for business customers under any circumstances.

May ultimately threaten with a cheap web hosting their entire project and would have definitely saved in the wrong place. Those who have no experience, resources or appropriate staff to manage their own Vservers or root server and yet a powerful web space is needed for the business web hosting deals.

What is Green Hosting

The term Green Hosting is not only the use of green renewable electricity, but a fully sustainable business philosophy to understand. Provider of a green hosting waive the one on the most favorable nuclear or coal-fired electricity and rely on energy suppliers whose electricity is generated from renewable sources. Are mainly for the production of “green electricity” hydro or wind turbines are used.

These alternative energy sources can be used without producing CO2 emissions and consume no fossil fuels. In addition to the conscious and responsible use of resources, there are other ways for Green Hoster to operate their data centers ecologically and environmentally friendly. Thus, not only the generation of electricity alone plays a role, but also energy efficient infrastructures and workflows in enterprises.

Some of the green hosting provider from our comparison also participate in additional measures to neutralize CO2 in the atmosphere, such as the Plant-a-Tree program or focus on work with 100% environmentally friendly partners.

At a glance summarized, Green Hosting stands for:

  • Use of natural resources for power generation
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Energy-efficient operation of the technical infrastructure
  • Implementation of energy saving concepts
  • Development of green hosting

For a long time Green Hosting is offered by few providers. In recent years the subject has experienced especially in Germany, a rapid development. For those interested, now is a variety of offerings, from simple web space to professional business hosting, bearing the title “Green Hosting”, available.

The reason for this is the one that makes more and more customers in view of the global situation thoughts about environmental protection and value put on being able to make a contribution by choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly hosting company. On the other green hosting from a small niche for environmentally conscious customers has become a large and global trend.

Many providers follow the trend and offer themselves to Green Hosting. The more difficult it is to keep track of the various quality seals and deals for customers. This helps our Comparison of Green hosting provider.

What actually makes a Green Hoster?

The hosting providers have several options available to implement

Green Hosting:

  • Use of renewable energy sources for electricity supply
  • Cooperation with power generators that meet numerous environmental criteria and requirements, support the continuous expansion of electricity generation from renewable resources and contributes to CO2 reduction and a cleaner environment.

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